In the beginning

The beginning – Blog #1

Ok. Let’s start at the beginning.

I first met the remarkable Trish Karr, aka Trishy Dishy, back in 2008.  She was parading conspicuously at the entrance of The Columbian Hotel in Sydney (a thriving bar on the renowned Oxford Street strip) brandishing a dazzlingly pink umbrella and accompanied by two ripped (shirtless) guys.  Subtlety clearly wasn’t her style.  “I’ve arrived darlings”, she announced to anyone who cared to listen. A man next to me spoke in astonishment. “Who the f..k is that?”.  Who indeed. ‘That’ in fact, was Trish, rapidly becoming a well-known partygoer in the Sydney club scene.  And that encounter in 2008 was the beginning of the bizarre and unpredictable journey, which culminated in this documentary.

I began seeing Trish around town, each time discovering that, invariably, there was more of her to discover.  I was in LA at the time when I received news; Trish had been admitted into hospital to undergo a severe breast cancer operation.

It was some weeks later I caught up with her and whilst not fully recovered, Trish declared she was going to start organizing her own parties.  (I guess many people who undergo experiences such as these re-evaluate their lives, dreams and desires).  

Whilst unfamiliar with party promotion I have a number of years experience of film and theatre production and figured I might be of use.  This was the turning point in our relationship and we met frequently to discuss venues, themes, budgets and sponsorship.

Following the huge success of Trish’s first party held at the stylish Slide nightclub, hardly a week had past before her facebook page was being inundated with requests for more.

The secret of Trish’s almost instant success was her insistence in being involved in every aspect of the operation. I called her The Conductor.  For unlike many promoters who simply hire a venue and market the event, Trish’s involvement was total; individually evaluating the specific requirements of each one.

She put herself in the spotlight and lead by example – more akin to a pop star than a party promoter.  But that’s what sets Trish Karr apart from the rest.

Photo: Courtesy HM Photography

Photo: Courtesy HM Photography

Some weeks later I met up with Trish and her husband Johnny. We were discussing the success of the first parties when Johnny said “not bad for an ex-Jehovah’s Witness.”  Excuse me? What did he just say? An ex-Jehovah’s Witness? What a story that could make. And then came the news from Trish. “I’m going to enter this year’s Mardi Gras supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.”  And that was it.  I needed no further convincing.  Now I had a story.

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