Going Live!


ITS ALL CONFIRMED!! Trishy Dishy is going LIVE on CHANNEL 10 on the show STUDIO 10 next THURSDAY 17th APRIL for a live interview right across Australia at 10.20am next Thursday morning to tell my story for a chat on a couch with Ita Butterose and Jessica Rowe.  Im just absolutely over the moon that I can get my story out and perhaps help people that are stuck in the religion that are feeling like they have no hope can view my film and give them something to think about! Woo Hoo I’m freaking out so excited! Lol 

The Gate Crasher!

So, myself and two friends decided to have a joint birthday party at a club in Sydney.  Trish was due to film that same night with Prince Hubertus and mentioned she may pass by to say Happy Birthday!  Three hours into the party and my mobile phone goes “I’m 5 minutes away darling, can I come in with the film crew?”  So they did!




Life is a Roller Coaster!

DFP_7349 - Version 2

Today marks my 5th Anniversary of when I had my 13 hour operation at RPA Hospital and was confined in hospital for 2 weeks! Touch wood I wont ever have to go through that again even though at the time it seemed I would never be able to cope I kept my thoughts positive and told myself I can do this!

It would have to have been the lowest point in my life but I got on with it and even though I have scars still on my body it made me re evaluate my life and made me the person I am today.

Life is just like a rollercoaster we have the ups and the downs but its how we manage the downs that gets us through it. 

Cameras Roll!



Just a few pics from last nights filming with the crew from Vienna! (Hubertus is the interviewer and in the blue jacket!) It was pretty surreal when I arrived having a camera on the street filming me walking towards them only to get to them and get ushered into a limo where the main interview took place while we were driving around! It was all very professional and I was asked several random questions but babbled off beautifully!!



We drove over the Harbour Bridge sighting the Opera House then went to Opera Bar then headed to good old Oxford Street to gate crash my Directors birthday party, then finally  got the job finished inside Arq! Very excited to see the finished Documentary!