Count Your Blessings!

This comes to mind when we have something that disrupts our normal life, I know that we can’t control our future, and must realise that everything in our lives is in a constant state of transition. It is important to learn to roll with the punches of life (go with the flow of life) and stay positive. By staying positive we will be better able to handle the low points in life, which will allow us to focus on the many blessings that surround us.

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Early Detection is Best

4 - Version 2Late last night I found out a friend of mine has Breast Cancer and it came as quite a shock to me as she is a fit 32yr old gorgeous girl and has implants (yes don’t think you won’t get the disease because you have implants). She will be going in for surgery tomorrow to remove the breast. I’m just posting this as a warning to all females who think they won’t escape this nasty disease because they think they are too young or it’s not in their family so they wont get it!

Your wrong….anybody at any age can get it so please make sure you check yourself for any lumps or unusual feelings in your breast…. as earlier they find it the better chance you have of removing it and getting on with your life! My friend only found the lump 2 weeks before Xmas and because the cancer is in a few different spots in her breast the best way to get rid of it is to have a Mastectomy and then Chemotherapy.

Just a little heads up ladies! Breast Cancer is a fact of life and early detection does save lives! I’m living proof! Please don’t ignore any signs in your body see a Doctor if you need any questions answered! xx