The Gate Crasher!

So, myself and two friends decided to have a joint birthday party at a club in Sydney.  Trish was due to film that same night with Prince Hubertus and mentioned she may pass by to say Happy Birthday!  Three hours into the party and my mobile phone goes “I’m 5 minutes away darling, can I come in with the film crew?”  So they did!




2 thoughts on “The Gate Crasher!

  1. Thank goodness you are out!
    Who would want something like you as a wife, a mother or within the organization. It’s people like you who are just liars and pretenders, hiding behind the security of the congregation, but really you are one of those Satan’s little helpers. Beware of tainting Jehovah’s name Part Queen. You know where that will lead you. Leave and don’t play that game. Go and have your fun. You are running out of time.

    • Are you for real? Not exactly a charitable comment. So all those of us who chose not to follow your [brainwashed] ways are all Satin’s little helpers? You need your head seriously examined. Allow ppl to live their lives as they choose, butt out and deal with your own twisted issues.

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