My Mardi Gras Parade Experience!


I think Facebook is going into melt down with the notifications, I’ve literally had over 1500 today with people liking pics and lots of beautiful comments I cant keep up with them all it really was an incredible experience and I am so overwhelmed with all the beautiful comments!


Now that the dust has settled a little I really don’t know where to begin and I want to tell you all how very proud I am to have had the opportunity to create such an amazing float for this years Mardi Gras it was my 4th float in the 4 years involved in the Parade and I couldn’t have been more happy with the result!


I don’t do anything half hearted as you know its all or nothing and I’m pretty sure I succeeded in creating something visually pleasing for all! From the moment we started getting ready at The Oxford Art Factory where the vibe was like no other everyone was so excited and to all get ready together and then walk thru the streets to get to our float was surreal!

People were in awe stopping to take pics and as we hit Hyde Park people came out of the woodwork hehe they loved it! Time flew and we only had a couple of hours to enjoy everyone’s company partying in the Float Pit area before it was time to take off and on our way we went! So overwhelming to say the least…people screaming at us and I’m impressed I didn’t even stack it in my 7 inch heels with a 2 inch platform! To see my whole crew on the parade route all lit up with the biggest smiles had to be one of the best days of my life!


The costumes were spectacular and the team from Housewives On Fire went above and beyond the call of duty to make us standout! And standout we did! A huge thank you to Max, Dawn and Olivier who designed and created each costume by hand and it wouldn’t have been easy with 115 costumes to make!


Here are a few stats about our costumes and what went into them for 115 people!

– cut 1300 strips of plastic,  -frilled1.1 km of cellophane strips
,  -used 6500 rivets,  
-used 1200 batteries
,  -used 720 set of lights,  
- did 240 wrist bands
,  -glued 9000 gems to bling our costumes
,  -glued 400 meters of bling strips,  -90 meters of plastic bone,  
-sewed 8km according to our thread count, -used 120 metres of glitter plastic, -70 meters of thick plastic
, -62 tubes of glue
- made Sophie Monk costume in 1.5 day


They truly deserve every bit of accolade for the success of my HOT KANDI float because I couldn’t have done it without them!

I’d also like to thank Brown Sugar Airlab. who gave her time and energy into painting 2 lovely ladies for a full body-paint and also the crew from The Makeup Technicians who brought a team of ladies in to help with the body-painting of the whole float crew did an absolutely amazing job with everyone! Also to Johnny Thailand who captured everything on camera I cant wait to see all the pics he has taken they are going to be amazing.


And to all my Sponsors and everyone that was involved with the float I truly THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for making the HOT KANDI float a huge success because if you guys weren’t there for me then the float would never have eventuated! I have a huge task of lifting the bar for next years float I know that much! Already have an inbox full of people wanting to come on it! It should be fun asking Mardi Gras if I can extend the limit from 100 to 1000?


Trishy Dishy xx




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  1. trishy i just saw your movie and i thought it was absoulutley amazing!!!!! You are a real inspiration to all women of all ages, living proof that “sexy” is inside everyone of us at any age. You deserve every happiness in the world, congratulations on all your hard work! Keep partying girl!!!!

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