This Makes My Blood Boil!


I still can’t get my head around people who disown their kids because they come out and tell them that they are gay! I’m currently talking and helping a young male deal with his parents disowning him ; I don’t know him very well but he has messaged me and asked for help as he really just wants acceptance from his family! Whilst many families accept their child being gay there are many that don’t accept it.

The older generation, especially of European families seem not to accept it and think there is something wrong with their child, therefore the child lives their life hiding everything from their family including their sexuality! Studies have found that being gay has nothing to do with choice I believe you are born that way and no matter how much you tell this to families they wont listen!

Being gay is not a sin! Bullying is a sin! Being hateful to others is a sin! Being gay is NOT a sin….when are they ever going to accept it and stop harming their own flesh and blood!