Technology vs. Traditional


I think sometimes how different my kids are growing up in this Century where one touch of a button on the computer virtually gets you anything your heart desires and how different I was raised where the computer never existed in fact most things we take for granted today never existed! We were content with the simple things in life back then but it seems in this day and age contentment is hard to find! We are always striving for something bigger and better and get ourselves into more debt just so we can keep up with todays world and chase the dream that material things make us happy! When quite often they might give you a temporary feeling of contentment but never seem to be happy with what we have!

Its a tough old world at times and to be honest its a bit of a worry to know what will happen with the generations to come all i really want is to raise my children in a happy home where they are taught to treat people as they want to be treated and that we are all equal no matter what religion, race or sexual preference one might have. Learn to appreciate what we have and stop worrying about what we dont have and take time to enjoy the simple things in life……

See this is what happens when I cant sleep! My brain works overtime! Lol