I just don’t understand this. Parents raise their kids for years, & love them unconditionally…until their child says those two words to their parents…”I’m gay.”

Why does the notion of their child being gay scare parents so bad? It doesn’t mean that their child is any different than who they were the day before. In fact, it shows great strength for a child to come out to their parents. It also shows the desire for support & acceptance from their parents. So why do so many parents choose to turn their backs? It just breaks my heart whenever I hear this has happened to someone.

I have just been speaking to a friend who is just ‘coming out’ of being openly gay to his family and cant believe what they have put him through! They will not accept him being gay he has now left home and they want him to change his name and sign a declaration that he has left the family! They have used physical violence on him and even called a witch doctor to make him snap out of it…. they are basically disowning him because he has told them he is gay! I know many of my gay friends have not “come out” to their families for fear of rejection from them!

I just want to reiterate that I know that not “all” parents are un-accepting of their child’s sexual orientation when they come out. I really hope that the MAJORITY of parents will love & support their kids no matter what. I’m just referring to the ones who chose to disown their kids over something that their kids have no control over.

Disowning one’s own child over their sexual orientation is believing in hatred over love. Hatred may be unfounded and based on stereotypes or religious dogma, but when someone tells another that they will not be loved because of who they are, that love is conditional and is a decision based upon hate and not love.

I can relate to the disowning family bit (because of religious reasons) my family disowned me but why a family cant show unconditional love and love their child no matter what sexual orientation they are I don’t understand!