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Trishy Dishy Karr
18 October

What an amazing night! I must say a huge thank you to all who came to Witness my Journey.  What a huge turnout we had!  Thank you to those who travelled from interstate and thank you to all of you for making the effort to be there!  From the moment I stepped out of the Limo to when it finished I was truly overwhelmed by it all and just want to say a huge thank you to Steve Rogers my Producer/Director who did a fantastic job with the film because I’m no easy woman to deal with as you all know!  Lol…also a big thank you to my daughters Chloe and Jessie who were so honest on camera I love you both so much and to Johnny for putting up with me you deserve a medal!

You are one amazing beautiful soul and thank you for being you!  I hope you all enjoyed the film and so glad its finally out!  Here’s to the next chapter in my life, it can only be onwards and upwards for Trishy because thats the only way I know how!



Morning Everyone!  NO MORE SLEEPS!  Tonight is the night! I’m so overwhelmed and excited and a big mixed bag of emotions right now!!  We have around 700 Guests coming tonight and that is truly AMAZING! I’m honoured that they are all making the effort to come see this film that means so much to me!

In the last few days I’ve had several EX Jehovahs Witnesses contact me and show their support and wanted to basically tell me good on me for speaking out and telling all about the religion they grew up in and too afraid to say anything. Many still have families that are in the religion still that wont accept their way of life now and many are finding it difficult. My heart goes out to them because I feel their pain. Without saying anymore you will see in tonights film a little background into the beliefs of the JW’s and you will understand the hurt many have had to go through because of what this religion does to peoples minds.

I’m ready to open my door and walk you inside and show you Trishy from a different perspective you could call it a different world if you like and then I will show you why I created what I did in this world and why I want to inject just a little more love.

For all those haters and people who have judged me in the past I hope that you get a chance to see this film because it may just open your eyes a little and open your heart.

Trishy Dishy xx — feeling excited.


Funny how I can walk the Mardi Gras Parade and have thousands watching me yet for tomorrow I’m stressing cause I’m nervous as hell!  Mainly because I’m opening my door to the unknown but know in my heart this is going to help others be strong and learn from my sheer determination to succeed.  You must be strong and go for your dream never give up no matter what obstacles get in your way!  Just want to say to all of you a huge THANKYOU for supporting me if it wasnt for you guys I wouldnt be half the person I am today!  x x